Quilt Racks

12-36″ Compression Quilt Racks

Our most popular Quilt Hanger to date. Often called the Compression Quilt Hangers Bar, these quilt wall hangers display your favorite quilt or rung on any wall surface. It works by securely compressing the full length of your quilt, rung, poster, silk textile between two pieces of wood by a system of steel hanger bolts and t-nuts. Compressed with hanger bolts and wooden knobs on the front (With Knobs) or steel bolts from the back (knob-less) Customers that tend to change quilts often, prefer them with knobs option. With so many Options, including sizes from 12 inches, to all the way up to our large 5 pieces 120-inch wall quilt hangers, you can select the size you really need. Seven Wood types from our softwood Pine to our rich hardwood Walnut. 21 stain colors from Minwax, Stain wash colors and Whitewash. Plus choose from Decorative (Wavy) or Round Over Shaker Style on the top edge. Protect your textile with a Non-toxic, non-glaring, Clear Coat from Bulls Eye Shellac by Zinsser. No need for a tab, sleeve, or holes in your material.

We simply make the best custom wall mounted wooden quilt racks and Quilt Hangers in the country!

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